Cat Nip Mice


Sorry, only available to UK customers

We hate having textile waste here at Nervous Stitch and we try to come up with inventive ways of using up every scrap, my daughter Iona drew the design for this mouse when she was 4, she is now 5!

We also grow our own catmint in our garden and allotment, we are organic gardeners so it is high quality catmint and very pungent! 

A wee moose to set loose aboot yer hoose, to keep your cat happy!

A random mouse chosen by us, colours and patterns will vary as it depends on what fabric we have been using recently.

Stuffed with catmint and a small amount of toy stuffing, with felt ears and a twisted wool tail.

These have been tested by my sisters 4 cats and they have given us the paws up...they loved them.

Never leave your pet unattended with cat toys!